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Leaf and Teabag Christmas Card

teabag card


A white deckle edge card has a real skeleton leaf mounted on it. A tea bag paper design with holly, spruce and ribbons gives extra impact. The card is finished with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year stickers.

Materials used

  • White deckle edge card 144mm x 144mm (5¾ in x 5¾)
  • Skeleton leaf in green
  • Tea bag paper of your choice *
  • Sticker Merry Christmas
  • Sticker Happy New Year
  • Sticker Stars
  • Double sided tape
  • Paper adhesive
  • Sticky fixers
  • Scissors


Tea bag design detail

folding diagram

The tea bag folding diagram

The tea bag folding

You will need eight pieces of tea bag paper 4cm x 4cm (1.5in x 1.5in).

The green shaded areas represent the right side of the paper, the white areas the wrong side of the paper.

It is easier to work on a cutting mat with a grid marked on it or on a piece of paper with a cross marked on it (preferably a coloured piece of paper).

The dotted lines represent folds you are about to make.

Fold your tea bag paper as shown in the chart.

1. Fold the paper into half.

2 & 3. Fold the paper at a right angle.

4. Cut around the outside pattern shape.

5 & 6. Assemble the pieces to form a circle.

Fix the pieces in place with adhesive.

Assembling the card

Mount the leaf on the card with small pieces of double-sided tape.

Mount the folded tea bag shape on the leaf.

Add the words, corner flower and stars using the illustration as a guide.

* The tea bag paper used in this project has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Leaf and tea bag Christmas card made by Evelyn Barry and reproduced with kind permission.

Tea bag paper reproduced with kind permission of the copyright owners.

Leaf and tea bag Christmas card project posted August 2001.


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