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Japanese kimono card

Kimono card


A beautiful Japanese kimono made from patterned paper, is mounted on a white card. The card has a stippled background and is finished with a Happy Birthday sticker. The origami style folds used on the miniature kimono will be of interest to tea bag folding enthusiasts.

Materials used

  • White deckle edge single fold greetings card 104mm x 152mm (4¼ in x 6 in)
  • Sheet of patterned paper in colours of your choice.
  • Multi-colour ink pad
  • Scourer
  • Happy Birthday sticker
  • Adhesive


Kimono detailThe stipple on the card is produced with a kitchen scourer and a multi-colour ink pad. Allow to dry.

Mount the folded kimono in position using the above illustration as a guide. Fix with adhesive.

Add a Happy Birthday sticker.

Folding chart - click for larger picture
Folding chart - click here for larger picture

Fold the decorative paper as shown in the chart.

Green represents the pattern side of the paper.

Strip of paper 50 mm x 203 mm (2 ins x 8 ins).

1. Fold a small cuff at the bottom edge of the paper. Turn over.

2. Fold the bottom left corner up to almost the centre. Fold the bottom right corner to almost the centre.

3. Fold the top edge towards the bottom at about 50 mm (2 ins). Turn over.

4. Fold the bottom up to just below the top edge.

5. Fold the right-hand side so the bottom corner goes just past the centre. Note the way it slopes. Repeat with the left-hand side.

6. Fold the top layer of the top left out to lie flat. Repeat with the top right layer.

7. Fold the bottom left corner out. Note the way it slopes. Repeat with the bottom right corner.

8. Fold the top edge backward behind the collar of the kimono. Fold the bottom edge of the back layer back towards the top.

9. Bring the collar to the outside.

Kimono card made by Naomi Jackson and reproduced with kind permission.

The kimono fold is based on a design by Lani Temple.


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