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Birthday Window Tea Bag Card

Teabag card


A textured ivory deckle edge card has a window formed by cutting a cross the corners and folding back the four flaps this creates. A circular design of folded tea bag paper is mounted inside the card so it shows through the window. The card is finished with Happy Birthday stickers and glitter glue edging.

Materials used

  • Textured ivory deckle edge single fold greetings card 144mm x 144mm (5¾ in x 5¾ in)
  • Tea bag paper Butterfly Dawn (TFP016)
  • 4 Happy Birthday stickers
  • Glitter glue
  • Ripple paper edgers
  • Craft knife
  • Adhesive


Tea bag paper
Part of the sheet of Butterfly Dawn tea bag paper.


Click for larger picture
Click here for larger folding chart.

Tea bag paper folding instructions.

You will need eight pieces of tea bag paper 4cm x 4cm (1.5in x 1.5in).

The green shaded areas represent the right side of the paper, the white areas the wrong side of the paper.

It is easier to work on a cutting mat with a grid marked on it or on a piece of paper with a cross marked on it (preferably a coloured piece of paper).

The dotted lines represent folds you are about to make, the solid lines represent folds you have already made.

Fold your tea bag paper as shown in the chart.

In diagrams 1 and 2 you are creating creases by folding and unfolding.

1. Fold the paper into half and then unfold it. Fold in half the other way and unfold it.

2. Turn the paper over and fold from corner to corner then unfold it. Fold the other two corners together then unfold it.

3. Turn the paper over and bring the four corners together, manipulating the creased paper as shown in shape 4 to finish with flat shape 5.

6. Trim the two outer edges of the paper with ripple paper edgers.

7 & 8. Fold seven more squares. Assemble by sliding one square into another at an angle of 45 degrees.

9. Make a complete circle with the eight squares.

Centre detail Cut out a centre shape from the tea bag paper and add this to the centre of the folded design.

Card making instructions.

Folding diagramMark a 6 cm square in the centre front of the greeting card. Open the card out, place it on a cutting board and cut from corner to corner with a craft knife.

Cutting diagramFold the four triangular flaps outwards and trim their edges with ripple paper edgers.

Fix the flaps down with adhesive.

Draw a line of glitter glue along each edge of the flaps. Add a "Happy Birthday" sticker to each flap.

Add the tea bag decoration to the inside of the card so it is seen through the window. Fix in place with adhesive.

Cut out a butterfly from the tea bag paper and mount it in the top right hand corner of the greeting card.

Birthday Window Tea Bag card made by Naomi Jackson and reproduced with kind permission. The card may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.


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