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Paper butterfly card

Butterfly card


A white card has a butterfly with mauve wings made with paper folding and a body drawn in gold pen. The knobs of its antennae are formed with glitter glue. Strips of decorative paper run down the right hand side of the card. A flower punched from decorative paper and given a jewelled centre is mounted with a foam pad.

Materials used

  • Textured natural white greetings card 104 x 152 mm (4¼ x 6 in)
  • Pearlescent mauve paper
  • Decorative patterned paper
  • Glitter card in white and green.
  • Starburst paper in mauve
  • Daisy punch
  • Gold Gel pen pen
  • Glitter glue
  • Jewel
  • Self-adhesive mini foam pads
  • Card adhesive


Butterfly folding chart

Paper folding chart. Click here for a bigger picture.

Close view of fold

Close view of fold

You will need two pieces of pearlescent mauve paper 45 x 45 mm (1¾ x 1¾ in).

The green shaded areas represent the right side of the paper, the white areas the wrong side of the paper.

It is easier to work on a cutting mat with a grid marked on it or on a piece of paper with a cross marked on it (preferably a coloured piece of paper).

The dotted lines represent folds you are about to make, the solid lines represent folds you have already made.

Fold your paper as shown in the chart.

1. Fold the paper into half from corner to corner.

2. Fold from corner to corner then unfold it.

3. Fold the top point down so that it extends beyond the bottom edge by about 25%.

4. Fold the left side at an angle, down and towards the centre. Fold the right hand side in a mirror image of this.

5. The folded wing. Fold one more wing.

Cut a strip of decorative paper 26 mm (1 in) wide and the length of the front of the greetings card. Mount this on the right hand side of the card with card adhesive, using the illustration as a guide.

Cut a strip of white glitter card 15 mm (½ in) wide and the length of the card. Mount this in a central position on top of the decorative strip.

Cut two small leaves from green glitter card and mount these on the lower part of the decorative strip using the illustration as a guide.

Punch out a mauve Starburst paper flower head with a small daisy punch and mount this on the card with a self-adhesive mini foam pad. Add a jewel to the centre of the flower head.

Draw the butterfly body and antennae on the front top left of the card in gold pen using the illustration as a guide.

Add blobs of glitter glue to the tips of the antennae.

Mount the folded butterfly wings on the body with card adhesive.

Butterfly card made by Trish Caudle and reproduced with kind permission.


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