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Butterfly Diamonds with Stickers

Butterfly Diamonds with Stickers


A white single fold card has a panel of pink pearlesecent paper. Three silver diamond butterfly stickers decorate the centre. Extra pink and silver butterflies are added with foam pads to give a 3D effect.

Materials used

  • White greetings card 114 mm x 152 mm (4 inches x 6 inches)
  • Pearlescent pink paper
  • Butterfly squares sticker No. 1036
  • Flower and butterfly sticker No. 1065
  • Double-sided foam pads
  • Card adhesive such as double-sided tape or glue stick


Draw a faint vertical centre line on the front panel of your greetings card using a pencil and ruler.

Draw a faint horizontal centre line on the card front. These lines are for positioning the stickers and parts that show can be removed with a rubber later.

Add a square from the butterfly squares sticker to the centre front of your greetings card.

Two of the corners should align with the vertical line. The other two corners should centre on the horizontal line. The butterfly should face upwards.

Mount a second butterfly sticker above the first one matching the points to the centre line.

Mount the third butterfly sticker below the first one matching the points to the centre line.

Take four small flower stickers from the flower & butterfly sticker. Place two of them over the flowers between the diamond shapes plus one at the top and one at the bottom of the card.

Take the solid centre from the flower sticker add it to the flowers on the card.

Cut along the pencil line and around the sticker shapes to remove the leading section of the card.

Cut a piece of coloured pearlescent paper to the exact size of the front of your card.

Mount the pearlescent paper on the inside front of the card using card adhesive. When viewed from the front the card is half white and half coloured. When viewed from the inside the front panel shows as one colour.

Take three butterflies and stick them on your chosen colour of pearlescent paper. Cut around the butterfly shapes. Mount the butterflies on the greetings card with double-sided foam pads, positioned over the butterflies on the stickers.

The Butterfly Diamonds with Stickers card and the other cards above were designed by Anne Harding and reproduced with kind permission.

All sticker images are copyright and reproduced with kind permission.


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