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Flower block design

Flower block design


An oblong card has a red poppy, a white daisy and a yellow sunflower made from quilling paper. The flowers are mounted on a background of handmade paper squares and trimmed with an orange border.

Materials used

  • Black card folded to 68mm x 176mm (2 ¾ ins x 7 ins)
  • 3mm quilling paper in red, white, yellow, orange and black
  • 2mm quilling paper in white and yellow
  • Hand made paper in pink, lemon and yellow
  • Adhesive


Flower block design

This design can be worked in either 2mm or 3mm wide paper. However, the bees are best worked in 2mm wide paper, even if the flowers are not. Each flower is mounted on a 40mm square of paper before being glued to the background.


Poppy detail

PoppyCentre - ½ strip of black paper, crimped, then rolled into a fairly tight coil.

Petals - Make a squat teardrop using a ¼ strip of red paper for the centre of each petal. Make two crescent shapes from ¼ strips of red for the outside of each petal. Assemble as shown, then outline the petals with another strip.


Daisy detail

DaisyCentre - ½ strip of yellow paper, crimped then rolled as above.

Petals - make 12 or 13 white teardrops using ¼ strips.

Position the petals evenly around the centre as shown, beginning with the top centre petal. Make sure all the petals fit before they are glued down.


Sunflower detail

SunflowerCentre - 1 whole strip of dark brown paper, crimped then rolled as above.

Petals - make approximately 16 eye shapes from 75mm yellow strips. Position petals evenly around the centre as shown, beginning with the top centre petal as above.


For each bee, make as follows:

Body - 1/16th yellow strip of 2mm paper, rolled and pinched into shape. Draw on stripes using a fine black pen.

Wings - make two 1/16th white teardrops from 2mm paper.

Glue body and wings to the background and add antennae using a fine pen. Divide blocks with crimped paper if desired.

A method of crimping

The flower centre zigzag effect is done with a home made crimping tool of two plastic cogs nailed to a piece of wood. Wind the paper through the cogs.

To make your own crimping tool you need to obtain two plastic cogs. These can be from a suitable toy building set, or maybe a hardware shop. I have even seen two lids from toothpaste tubes used (the type with groves to make them easy to grip). Nail or screw these to a piece of wood so that they mesh together.

Crimping tool
Crimping tool

Flower block design card made by Diane Crane.

The flower block design photographs and line drawings are reproduced here by kind permission of the copyright owner Diane Crane and may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.


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