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LacÚ with flowers card

Lacé with flowers card


A dark red pearlescent card has a circular Lacé design cut in shiny pink/mauve backing paper. Origami style flowers decorate the centre of the card. The four corners are decorated with gold stickers.

Materials used

  • Dark red greetings card 144mm square (5½ inches square)
  • Lacé template No. 8
  • Parchment craft two needle tool
  • Shiny pink/mauve backing paper
  • Pearlecent pearl paper
  • Green paper
  • Mauve paper
  • Adhesive
  • Mizuhiki strip in green
  • Sticker gold corners
  • Scissors


Glue the shiny pink/mauve backing paper to the pearlecent pearl paper to create a sheet duo paper with different colours on each side. Cut this slightly smaller than the size of the greetings card.

Cut out the Lacé design in your duo paper using the template. Score and fold the design tucking the points under the unscored pieces.

You can use a Lacé knife to cut the design but the maker of this card used a parchment craft two needle tool. The needle is moved forward one hole at a time so the back needle locates in the previous hole.

The cut/perforate design can then be pushed out and folded back using the illustration as a guide.

Mount the duo paper pattern on the greetings card with adhesive.

Add a gold corner sticker to each corner.

Flower detail
Flower detail

Folding diagram
Folding diagram

The flower fold:
1. Cut a sheet of purple paper 16mm square (¾ inch). Fold it in half point to point.
2. Fold and unfold point to point.
3. Fold the outer points upwards.
4. The folds do not meet in the middle.
5. Turn over. Fold the outer points inwards.
6. The finished fold.
7. Cut a small triangle of green paper. Fold it in half.
8. The folded paper.
9. Cut a zigzag shape.
10. Wrap the green triangle around the base of the flower.

Make a total of five flowers.

Cut long triangular strips of green paper for the leaves.

Assemble the flower using the picture as a guide.

The flower stem is a strip of green Mizuhiki plastic wire.

Fix the flower with adhesive.

Lacé with flowers card made by Mei Carrroll and reproduced with kind permission.

Please note that this is an old project. It is left here for the interest of the reader. Some of the materials used may no longer be available. We regret that we can not help you find a source of supply for these.

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