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Tartan Ribbon Tree Card

Tartan Ribbon Tree card


A dark green card has a Christmas tree constructed with five triangles folded from tartan ribbon. A gold star tops the tree and there is a gold pot at the base.

Materials used

  • Dark green double fold greetings card 104mm x 152mm (4¼ x 6 ins)
  • Half metre of ribbon 50mm wide (20 ins x 2 ins) in Christmas colours
  • Sticker gold stars
  • Metallic gold paper
  • Craft knife
  • Metal edge ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive


Print the tree template found at the end of these instructions (or draw it). The outside dimensions are 104mm x 152mm (4¼ x 6 ins). Cut around the border line.

Open the double fold greeting card and lay it face up on a cutting mat. Lay the template in position on the middle panel of the card. Cut the lines through the template and card using a craft knife and metal edge ruler.

Folding diagramCut the ribbon into five equal lengths of approximately 10 cm long (4 ins).

Take a strip of ribbon and fold the top edge down to form a 5mm cuff (¼ in). On the diagram the green represents the front of the ribbon and the yellow represents the back.

Find the middle of the strip of ribbon and fold down both ends at a 45° angle. Trim the ends level with the bottom edge of the ribbon.

Fix the ends down with adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape.

Make four more triangles of ribbon.

{back of the card}Push the point of one ribbon through the bottom horizontal slot on the greeting card from the back to the front. The side of the ribbon with the centre join faces forward. Pull the ribbon through as far as it will go.

DetailRepeat with the other four triangles through the other four slots.

When you have a symmetrical arrangement fix the triangles in place with adhesive on the back of the card.

Cut a strip of gold paper 25mm wide and 70mm long (1 in x 3 ins). Fold the top and bottom edges in to the back to create a strip 15mm wide (5/8 in). Thread this through the angled slots of the pot starting from the back to the front. Then thread it from the front to the back through the other slot. Fix the strip with adhesive on the back.

Add a gold star sticker to the top of the tree.

With the card face down, close the left-hand panel and secure it with adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape.

Tartan Ribbon Tree card
Tartan Ribbon Tree card in alternative colours.

Slot diagram
Diagram showing the position of the slots.

Tartan Ribbon Tree card made by Linda Jefferson and reproduced with kind permission.


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