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Gold flower sticker card

Elegant flower card


A single fold card has a half circle cut out and the card folded forward. The card is decorated with a gold flower sticker, a gold strip and a rectangle of fabric with random spots of gold fabric paint.

Materials used

  • Sheet of pink card 300 mm x 106 mm (12 ins x 4¼ ins)
  • Sticker Flower
  • Gold edging strip from border sticker
  • Translucent white fabric
  • Gold fabric paint
  • Circle cutter
  • Pencil
  • Card adhesive


Sticker card inside

The inside of the card showing the cut-out circle and fabric overlap.

Cutting diagram

Measure 60 mm in from the right hand edge of the card and draw a vertical line in pencil. Measure the halfway point between the top and bottom of the card. Mark this on the vertical line - point A on the diagram.

Cutting diagram

Set the circle cutter to 36 mm radius and cut a half circle from the pencil line, around and back to the pencil line - dotted line B on the diagram.

Cutting diagram

Fold back on lines C and D so that the inside of the circle comes to the outside.

Rub out the pencil line.

Cutting diagram

The darker pink represents the back of the card folded to the front.

Fold the card to form a greeting card 150 mm x 106 mm.

Cutting diagram

Take a rectangle of translucent white fabric and decorate it with random spots of gold fabric paint. Allow the paint to dry. Position this on the left-hand edge of the card. It is folded over the top and bottom of the card and fixed to the inside of the card with adhesive.

Add some gold edging strip to the edge of the folded back section. Glue down the folded back section.

The flower sticker is actually a negative image (i.e. the pieces that are left after the first image has been removed).

To use the negative image cover the image to be removed with overlapping strips of low tack tape. Lay a piece of tape at right angles top and bottom of the first layer to hold the strips together.

Rub the tape down with the handle of some scissors or a coin, then carefully peel the tape back removing the image with the tape. Lay the image still stuck to the tape onto the card in the centre of the circle. Rub the image down gently and carefully remove the tape.

Elegant flower card made by Trish Caudle.

Sticker images used by kind permission of the copyright owners.


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