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X-Cut shape cutter scrapbook page

X-Cut shape cutter scrapbook page

Card Making Techniques - X-Cut Project.  Part of Card Inspirations series of techniques showing different card making ideas and methods.
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The X-Cut Shape Cutter is an innovative system for creating smooth shapes easily and accurately.
We have used it to create a beautiful scrapbook page bringing back memories of a skiing holiday. The layout could be adapted to suit many different subjects.

Equipment and materials used to make this card.

  • X-Cut Shape Cutter circle templates and cutting tool
  • Cutting mat
  • Bazzill Cardstock Monochromatic Blue 12 inches square (305 mm)
  • 4 colour photographs
  • Alphaletterz Chipboard Stickers Typical Blue
  • Snowflake sticker silver
  • Card adhesive such as a glue stick.


Place one of your photographs on a cutting matPlace one of your photographs on a cutting mat. Select one of the X-Cut Shape Cutter circle templates and place it over your photograph. Move it around until you get a pleasing composition.

Add the X-Cut shape cutter tool to the templateAdd the X-Cut shape cutter tool to the template. Hold the template in place. It has non slip feet to help it stay in position. Press down on the cutter and guide it around the template cutting into the picture. The cutting blade can be used on the outside or the inside of the template giving the choice of two different sizes.

Remove the pictureRemove the picture. Cut the other pictures in a similar way selecting the best circle template for each picture.

You can create bordersYou can create borders by cutting both inside and outside of the same template. It is possible to vary the width of the border by cutting the outside of one template size and the inside of another template size.
Lay your photographs on a 12 x 12 scrapbook page and move them around to find an attractive composition. As a general rule odd numbers of design elements work better than even numbers. Using different sizes of the pictures also adds interest.

We have added the words SKI and SNOW with Alphaletterz chipboard stickersWe have added the words SKI and SNOW with Alphaletterz chipboard stickers. Lay them out and try various positions until you find one that pleases you.

When you are happy with the layout fix all of the elements in position with card adhesive such as a glue stick.

Silver sticker snowflakes add a finishing touch.

X-Cut shape cutter scrapbook page technique is demonstrated by Linda Jefferson. The ski photographs are by Trish Caudle. All materials used are copyright to their respective producers and used with kind permission.

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